Historic Davidson, North Carolina

Located just 30 miles north of Charlotte, Davidson is a small town with a big helping of Southern personality. But don’t let the old-town charm fool you.

Davidson is a cutting-edge community, with award-winning town planning and design, an active public and a commitment to sustainable growth and development.

The brick-lined streets are built for pedestrians and bikers, leading the way to unique shops, sidewalk cafés, galleries and community parks. And as part of the town’s commitment to Smart Growth and open spaces, there are hundreds of acres of open spaces, natural greenways and miles of trails throughout the area.

Smart Growth

The Davidson community and its leaders have embraced the concepts of “Smart Growth,” earning recognition for overall excellence in smart growth from the EPA in 2004. At the heart of this approach is a commitment to enhancing the community’s quality of life through sustainable environmental and economic decisions. Elements of this strategy include preserving natural spaces as well as historic buildings; developing community areas to live, play and work; and providing better transportation choices for residents to reduce traffic and improve environmental sustainability.

You can see the signs of "smart growth" throughout the Davidson community, from the effective mix of buildings and open spaces, to the wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, to beautiful hike & bike trails that connect neighborhoods to the vibrant downtown area.

Davidson College

At the heart of the town’s unique atmosphere is Davidson College, consistently regarded among the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. The college’s remarkable educators and students are an active part of the town’s culture, participating in town activities as well as hosting the community for exciting events on campus.

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Davidson, North Carolina
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